The Company Book, or why and when publish a book about our company?

d184d0b0d0b1d180d0b8d0bad0b0-d0b1d18ed0bbd0b5d182d0b8d0bd-brand1The books about Amazon, Zara, Nike, Jack Ma, Elon Musk are invariably present in the charts and are re-published in millions of copies around the world. We want to read about successful persons and about companies that have achieved a lot. If we uncover their secrets and learn where they started from, we will be motivated for our own success and will find ideas how to address the bottlenecks for our own development. If written well, these books can be addictive, can inspire and even change a person’s life. That is why we believe that a well-written company book can have an impact on the image and the influence of a company much more than any other advertisement.

Why is the book a good advertisement?
“Do people read books at all, nowadays?“, “Paper books are dying, we read only digitally!” – we often hear such comments when we say we deal with book publishing and book distribution. However, the facts show a different picture: more and more people purchase and read books. Book publishing in Bulgaria, but also globally, undergoes significant progress. The ambitious, smart and free young people are increasingly turning toward books as a source of reliable and thorough information.
A well-written, interesting book creates much bigger credit of trust to a certain company than a newspaper or magazine article. A book provides an opportunity to touch various topics, including the virtues of the brand and of the company leader, the protagonist’s strenuous journey from zero to conquering the world, the attitude toward end customers and employees. In many books about big brands, we read stories full of contradictions – either due to the personality of the founder, or due to the market penetration strategies or due to the attitude toward the employees. Nevertheless, every such piece of writing can make us feel respect to the described achievements and opens our eyes for a variety of layers, solutions, cycles of ups and downs that stand behind every success.
Therefore, a book is a good advertisement – it allows the reader to dip into the world of the particular brand, to experience the rises and falls of the company and to believe what an interesting piece of reading can tell, without feeling prejudiced. And the most important thing: it makes the reader devote more time to the values, ideas and motives of your company than any other media product.
Because a book is a media that we should not underestimate.

Who are the potential readers of a company book?
Of course, everyone could be curious about your edition. The question is which are the groups whose attention can be beneficial for you.
One of the most important groups that you may want to influence is the young people that are going to enter the labour market. Finding motivated and educated employees is important for every company and it is crucial for a company to be among the most desired employers. If the book about your brand is placed in the mall bookshop between the editions about Zara and Nike, the brand is looked at from a different perspective. Young people believe in achievements and bright ideas and are not burdened with cynicism – they would be the ideal readers of an inspiring book about success here – in Bulgaria.
Another interesting and important target group includes your business partners. Revealing the story of a company in a book inspires trust, indicates transparency and can impart a specific appearance. Such a book can be used for years as a gift for potential and current business partners. The values, represented through the road that has been travelled, through the obstacles that have been overcome and the future goals, will send a much stronger and influencing message than a company diary, calendar or a PR campaign.
Let us think about the employees, too – building loyalty, creating a human appearance for the “bosses” and bringing to light of some company secrets can certainly unite the team, build trust (again and again) and be the reason for discussion for months on. Often, the company founders are not charismatic personalities such as Steve Jobs and although they have amazing ideas, take hard decisions and climb peaks, in the eyes of their inferiors they can have quite a non-inspiring image. A well-written book does not only change perceptions and points of view – it can permanently alter the entire company image.

What can the book contain?
Engrossing, sincere, interesting – these words are often used in this context. It is easy to say this but how can it be achieved? It is not an easy task to structure, plan and create such a thorough text.
A company book can contain several types of texts: personal stories of the founders and of the key employees; the development, mission and values of the company over time, as well as the transformations, through which it passes; business environment, competitors, interesting battles on the market and the big successes.
The opportunities are numerous but they should correspond to the respective company or brand, to the peculiarities of the leaders, and to the desired messages. The contents structure can be built around a series of conversations and meetings, brainstorming and research and this is definitely a step that should not be underestimated.

How to create a book ordered by someone else?
Everything written so far sounds wonderful and we already imagine a readable, professionally created and extensive text, which tells about us and our bright future. But who could create such a manuscript?
In the first place, this should be someone who works professionally with large texts, ideally books. Assigning such a task to the PR department of the company may be a cheaper but probably not an efficient solution. In the best case, this should be a journalist who has worked in the sector, or even better – a professional writer. Opting for an experienced team consisting of various specialists guarantees the extensive work and the different points of view, which are needed to create such a complex text.
In the second place, the manuscript must be polished by an experienced editor. Let us not forget also about the careful reading by a good proof-reader – a much underestimated but important specialist who will remove all minor or bigger mistakes in the book, both before and after the pre-press stage.
It is advisable that the text receives worthy presentation and printing. The selection of book fonts, the balance between white fields and text and the correctly stated copyright information are a sign of professionalism. Do not omit the aspect of ergonomics of reading – show your fans that you pay attention even to the smallest details, which seem insignificant at first sight.

Finally, printing seems to be the easiest task. Before plunging into printing, make at least one sample copy to be certain that the selected materials and the execution actually correspond to your aesthetics, that they will be perceived easily and will ensure that your book is a good company to other editions in this genre.
You have the idea, the execution comes next! We wish success to every one of you who would like to create such a product and we are eager to see new books about the successful Bulgarian brands. Everybody likes reading about the people who are close to us, the people who come from Bulgaria, who make their start here and are successful here.

Author: Diana Boycheva
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